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Cheese has been a speciality of ours since 1875 when Thomas Williams visited local farms to purchase the finest farmhouse Cheshire Cheese. For over 120 years we have continued to buy our prize-winning cheeses in this way. All five generations of the Williams family have been proud to be invited to judge at some of the World’s largest and most prestigious Cheese Shows.

All of our cheeses in the counter are available to try before you buy.

We currently stock:
Quicke's Traditional Farmhouse
Quicke's Mature Farmhouse
Isle of Mull Unpasteurised Cheddar
Mull of Kintyre Cheddar
Belton Farm Farmhouse Cheddar
Wookey Hole Cave-Aged Cheddar
Westcombe Unpasteurised Cheddar
Heler's Mature Cheddar
Heler's Reduced Fat Mature Cheddar
Belton Farm Organic Cheddar
Belton Farm Organic Extra Mature Cheddar
Belton Farm White Fox

Godfrey's Mild Cheddar
Godfrey's Mature Cheddar
Godfrey's Vintage Mature Cheddar
Williams' Special Reserve Cheddar

Sandham's Tasty Creamy Lancashire
Tasty Toaster Lancashire
Belton Farm Crumbly Lancashire
Belton Farm Creamy Lancashire
Mrs. Kirkham's Lancashire
Lincolnshire Poacher
Belton Farm Farmhouse Cheshire
Appleby's Cheshire

Hawes Traditional Wensleydale
Belton Farm Wensleydale
Red Leicester
Belton Farm Red Leicester
Belton Farm Vintage Red Fox

Double Gloucester
Belton Farm Double Gloucester  

White Stilton

Blue Cheese's

Williams' Royal Blue Cheshire

Blacksticks Blue
Tuxford & Tebbutt's Blue Stilton
Tuxford & Tebbutt's Shropshire Blue
Harrogate Blue
Long Clawson Blue Stilton
Montagnola Affine
Saint Agur
Yorkshire Blue

Smoked Cheese
Appleby's Smoked Cheshire
Redwood Smoked Cheddar

Continental Cheese's
Abondance AOC
Brebirousse D'Argental
Beaufort AOC
Pecorino Toscano PDO
Pecorino Romano DOC
Manchego DOC
Vrysaki Halloumi
Greek Feta
Le Napoleon
Fontaono DOC
Swiss Raclette

Blended Cheese
Sticky Toffee Cheddar
Wholenut Cheddar
Lemon Crumble
Pina Colada Paradise
Belton Farm Sage Derby
Cheddar with Ale & Mustard
Cheddar with Chilli & Lime
Cheddar with Cracked Black Pepper
Cheddar with Caramelised Onion
Cheddar with Whiskey & Ginger
Cheshire with Garden Mint
Cheshire with Continue & Orange
Wensleydale with Mango & Ginger
Wensleydale with Mango & Papaya
Red Hot Mex
Peri Peri Cheddar
Red Leicester with Maple & Pecan


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